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web design
It's good to have ideas, but if you don`t work on them, they will remain just ideas!

Data entry services

Data entry is probably not the core function of your business, so leave that boring work to people who enjoy doing it and continue working on things that are crutial for your company!

While creating websites, more and more clients wish that we find, optimize and enter specific content to their websites database.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Data entry of products for e-commerce solutions
  • Data entry of different information to web portals
  • Surfing and contact discovery
  • Internet research

What to expect from us

Since our business is focused on internet, all content that we enter is search engine optimized, and we can addopt to different CMS solutions!

We do not sub-contract any work as we need to maintain maximum quality control and we are proud of delivering work in agreed time scales and providing value for the money.

As you know, every project is different, so please send us all details about the project you have for us and we will find solution that suits you!

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