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If your company is not at the top on search engines,
than soon you wont have a company!
Search Engine Optimization

Why search engine optimization?

When customers look for products over the internet, they type specific keywords into search engines (Google for example) - and if your web site is not in first pages it is very hard for them to find your products!

Not much companies think about search engine optimization while developing websites, and that makes Explicit design unique. Did you know that you can easily increase the number of potential customers just by doing search engine optimization the right way?

Good optimization is one of the key segments in online business success. Your website may look great and have perfect content but no visitors to see that...

With right guidance we can make website work for you - increase number of clients, educate them and most important - save your precious time!

What search engine optimization includes

SEO is very complicated process (if done right) and it should contain:
  • Preliminary agreement where we define goals
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword buying
  • Content analysis
  • Seo copywriting
  • Title and meta tags optimization
  • HTML code optimization
  • Internal navigation optimization
  • Website design analyses and recomendations
  • Quality one-way link building
  • Promotion and media buying
  • Regular website maintenance and quality content building

Search engine optimization price

Search Engine Optimization price depends on few factors (do you already have a website, how well is he coded, is it big or small website, how many keywords you want to optimize it for, how big is your competition etc.) If site is more robust and has more competitors, optimization requires more time and price is higher.

Service is split in 2 parts - first part is about rewriting website code so search engine could understand it better (onsite optimization), and second part is about internet marketing activities for promoting a website - and it is considered as offsite promotion.

First results of our work are visible in the first month, but real ranking is seen through a next few months.

Google’s recommendation is not to believe in companies who promise to boost your site's visitors volume over a night - no solid company can guarantee that so fast!

We offer different SEO packages to fit your needs and budget, for more information please contact us

Explicit design - web design & development outsourcing services in Belgrade, Serbia - 2023 - Making your online business easy since 2001.