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web design
Website is similar to your car, it can be used without maintenance, but not for long...
website mainenance

Website maintenance services

Website maintenance is a continuous process of enhancements and A/B testing, so users can get faster to information, create orders faster and recommend products or services to their friends on social networks.

It is a fact that website gets older every day, so if you are not an IT expert or you just don`t have time for maintenance, website will present company with outdated info and you will lose clients...

We save your time and money

We are here when your employees are sick, on vacation, or resigned. By hiring us, you get:
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer / programmer
  • Consultant for search engine optimization and internet marketing
  • System administrator
  • Technical Support
It means that you get 6 skilled people for minimal monthly fee, and that is the real power of outsourcing!

Website maintenance packages and pricing

We offer different website maintennace packages to fit all Your needs:
  • Occasional website maintenance - if you don`t have regullar job for us, we can offer fixed maintenance price by project or update.
  • Regular website maintenance by hour - is meant for regular clients who prefere working with minimum guaranteed monthly containers - for example
    • for 100$ you can buy 5h working hours (20$/h),
    • for 425$ you can buy 25 working hours (17$/h),
    • for 750$ you can buy 50 working hours (15$/h)
  • Do You have some specific request? No problem - contact us, describe what you need and what budget you have in mind and we will find solution!
Explicit design - web design & development outsourcing services in Belgrade, Serbia - 2024 - Making your online business easy since 2001.