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"If you can’t accommodate a buyer when he wants to spend money, be confident that your competitor will!" - D. Trump
E-commerce solutions

E-commerce solutions

Sell your products online!

Limited offer - online shop ready in 30 days
Afordable price and great technical support
pay only if you are satisfied!

We will deliver modern, professional, budget friendly E-commerce solutions and provide a consultant who will make the implementation process easy and understandable!

Use E-commerce because:

  • It is available 24 hours per day
  • It is accessible to your customers no matter how far they are!
  • It is working over the night and holidays
  • It doesn't have excuses, sick time or leaves...
  • It can replace many stores, workers and make big savings in your budget!!!

Choose Explicit because:

  • 9+ years Experience in Website Designing & Development
  • Portfolio with 150+ Websites across various Industries
  • Cost Effective Pricing - pay only if you are happy with service!
  • Best technical support!
  • Free stuff for our clients

For free you get:

  • Quality technical solution that will fit your needs
  • Modern store design that will provide good shopping experience for customers
  • Responsive design - for mobile users
  • Search engine optimization
  • Quality E-commerce hosting
By offering "pay only if you are satisfied" option, you can be 100% certain that we provide only quality!

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Do you like this e-commerce solution? Contact us and we will help you with whole process of implementation!

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