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web design
Your new web site must be easy to use, well organized,
inspiring and generating sales...
Website re-design and online business improvements

Website re-design and online business improvements

You have a web site, but due to the visual and technical obsolescence it is no longer representing the company in a good manner or generating sales...

Lot of companies are forgetting that the website is important for business growth these days - because every new client will check the website, learn more about the company and its services, and then make the contact - that`s why first impression is the most important!

Re-design changes should start with asking yourself few questions:

  • Are you willing to work on online presence enhancement?
  • Does competitors have better looking websites?
  • Do you have more or less visitors every month?
  • Is there a person in your company who cares about online business?
  • Put yourself in position of an accidental visitor and consider whether it is easy to use website, and would you buy something from this company?
  • Is your website well ranked on search engines?
  • Is website representing your business in the best manner?
If you gave negative answer to any of these questions, your website is losing clients, and we would recommend some redesign and improvements.

We have 9+ years of experience in designing and re-designing web sites, and we will make this re-design process easy.

How do we make improvements?

  • First we must define all existing problems
  • We should analyze competition
  • We should define company vision - where is it now, and where it should be in 5 years
  • We will make proposal for user experience improvements
  • We will help you re-write content, so we can get more leads
  • We will enhance website performance and loading speed
  • We will do on-site and off-site optimization for search engines
  • We will advertise your products/services on ads and social networks

What now?

Send us e-mail and tell us about problems you wish to fix, approximate budget and time frame, and we will make proposal!

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